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At last 2016 is here, I don’t know how it went for you guys but it was a tough one for us, We did face a lot of hurdles in the last year, did some fantastic work as well. But now it’s a start of a new year, so what we are focusing on is too start the new year with a freebie give away.
I know you do see a lot of these on the internet and all they want to do is make people look for Free Website PSD template on their post and end up looking at dozens of ads and what not. But this is 100% a genuine giveaway, we don’t want anything in return just sharing what we have in extra.
Now through out the year all the companies do a lot of extra job that they are not paid for, we in the same way did some design concepts for a lot of clients which they did not end up buying so instead of making those go for waste, we have decided to give it away or free on our blog, Normal GPU license is applicable in these designs , You can use it any way you want with your name on it as well, but you cant sell the designs to anyone. If you want just give it away for free that’s fine with us, We are doing the same.
Any how enough chit chat, let get to the Free Website PSD Template as promised.

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