Custom Web Apps

Custom Web Apps have been our focus,we provide all kind of API Integrated custom web apps for web solutions from Real Estate to eCommerce, Social Media to Affiliate Websites, & Dating Services to Hotel Booking Systems you name it, We have helped our clients in simplifying all their business communication so that they can focus on growing their business, We even offer custom web apps for mobile based systems so that users can our client team members can conect direcly using their mobiles.

All Custom Web Apps Are Not Created Equal

Just as websites are different based on their business objectives, purpose, and function, the skills and expertise required to build successful Web Apps differ as well.  We have focused on the development of Corporate Web Apps, both for B2B & B2C and have been providing business solutions by making ideas into Reality.

We specialize in the development of custom Web Applications for any size or complexity. Applications designed and built by Intechnic utilize the latest Internet technologies to combine rich functionality and robust management tools for a rewarding user experience.  We can take your unique ideas or concepts and turn them into quantifiable business results.

Mobile responsive custom web applications are developed to be accessible on mobile devices, tablets and computers, this can make it more easier to maintain and monitor which in turn mean that the overall flow of information improves.

Most software built for your business needs can also be converted into a SaaS (Software as a service) turning a tool that helped your business into a revenue generating avenue in itself.

Custom Apps is limited to your business needs and therefore do not have any extra modules of codes that makes it un-necessary large and slow to response, without the unnecessary code and its drawback your team can focus on the job at hand instead of tackling and maintaining unwanted features.

Often a custom application is the only feasible method of solving your business problem. Off the shelf software leaves a lot of space between the solution provided and the one that is actually required. This mainly happen when people do not want to do the “standard” way of business and are looking for Innovation.

Custom web development applications can also be the solution when you do have a working App or system but its getting outdated and hard to maintain then a Custom App can interact with older systems to plug into legacy systems and extend their life by years and even improve its functionality and features if required.

Custom applications build for a purpose can be deployed on personal company servers or on the cloud, this is mainly a critical aspect of security that many companies require, This also makes the app more reliable and makes it easier to control by Leveraging the power of the internet, You can set your team free from the workplace so they can be productive from their home.