Business Requirements

Every Business has unique challenges, hence the solution for each business has to be catered to their requirements. We understand the issue’s that a business faces in there day to day operations and we excel in providing them with unique b2b (Business to Business) and b2c (Business to customers) solutions. We have years of experience in creating custom web apps / tools that help them in streamlining there business.


Web Applications

Custom Web Applications has been the ideal solutions for solving unique issues in business, They are also the correct way to create new tools to make any idea into a reality. We love creating new tools and web applications for our customers, No matter how complex the idea is, We are sure of delivering results to our clients.

Different types of

Web Applications

B2B Portals

B2B tools are best solution for any business, We have delivered tools ranging from Production Line Management to Inventory modules,and anything in between.

Real Estate Tools

We have been creating custom real estate tools for years. We have created tools for basic property listing detail management for Estate Admins to Creating a full scale SASS based Property Listing Web Applications.

Out of Box tools

Every client does not have a clear understanding on what kind of tools will be best suited for them. So we have a lot of Out Of Box solutions that we can deploy for there business, We offer our expertise in first understanding there issues and then provide tools catered to those problems.

B2C Portals

Managing sales is very important for survival of any business. We have developed POS systems, Distributor systems and Sales Management tools for our clients

Appointment Tools

A lot of our clients has faced issues in basically managing their back office staff and there schedules as grow into bigger teams. We have created such solutions where work can be tracked employee rosters can be maintained.

Start Ups

New business start ups around online based services is the biggest employer in the world, and we take pride in creating such unique SASS based web application that helps our customers in making there ideas into a Reality.


Get a Free Specification Meeting for your Ideas


if you are thinking about a new idea that can become the next big thing and you are looking to understand the limitations or the feasibility of such products or want to understand what kind of solutions will be the best way to go for your business, Then feel free to get in touch with us, We provide with free meeting and a specification documents based on your ideas, so you know what can be best for your business.