Facebook is showing old Title for Website

Facebook is showing old Title

In this blog you will be learning about what to do if Facebook is Showing old Title for website and how you can force Facebook to purge its cache and use newer meta description of a shared webpage, and for guys who think why in seven hell do you want to do it, I have shared a similar issue that one of our client’s had to face. He came with a very different question for us.

How can I force Facebook to flush its cache and update it with new content on the website?

One of our client’s came back with a very unique issue regarding Facebook and their WordPress blog. They created a post on there blog, and after publishing it, They realized that the title written for the blog post was wrong and along with the title they also had issue on the post meta description as the same mistake was copied in there as well. So they went back and fixed it. However, whenever they wanted to post that post URL onto Facebook, they found out that Facebook is showing old title with wrong details along with the wrong metadata and not the new one. Obviously, this needed to be fixed, but they did not know why was it happening in the first place.

Now the main issue for this issue was a small thing that most of the people even developer don’t know or notice about Facebook. Facebook fetches the title and webpage description from the HTML header of the webpage whenever people share a link on Facebook. Facebook caches and reuses the webpage title and description if more people share the same link over and over again.

So now that you guys have a good understanding on why was this happened, now let us give you a simple solution for this issue. The best way to stop Facebook from showing old Title and to clear this metadata is by using the Facebook debugger: http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug Insert your url(URL for the post/page/image), let the debugger scrape your page and the cache is cleared.

Now just go back and share the content once again on Facebook, and the new metadata is picked up by Facebook

Hope this blog helps you out, if just in case the issue is still there or if you want to get help with some thing else then please feel free to contact us. If you find this helpful then please share it with your friends or check out our Blog.

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