Our Portfolio shows the diversity of our projects and area of specialization, We have 100% rating on google business We worked on Corporate , Real Estate, Restaurants Social Apps & Much More. Our portfolio shows a brief idea for the variety and quality that we offer to all of our clients.

Solid India ltd

September 15, 2015

The Client came to me with his business necessity of having an online presence for his Company, and we designed the site, after getting the site designs approved we started on the Website Development . Completed the site using HTML5/CSS3. The site is developed using custom CMS panel, The most important factor for this client was managing his product enquiry and wanted a admin section of the site which has the feature for his different departments to make the necessary edits and also handle the incoming request. The Biggest requirements was his content management including a Gallery system


September 15, 2015

The Client came to me with his business necessity of having an online presence for his Ice Cream Chains, and we designed the site, after getting the site designs approved we started on the Website Development . Completed the site using WordPress, The website is customized to manage the website content and the franchise locations as well.

Hotel Sunrise

September 18, 2015

Hotel Sunrise is among the oldest operating hotels in Varanasi, They have been providing amazing service for over 2 decades. When they came to us, they were looking for a quick and easy solution to manage there hotel bookings, and also needed an online presence so that clients can easily find them. We provided a solution which met the clients requirement perfectly.

101 Fabulous Things

September 19, 2015

Fiona is a very acclaimed writer and she came to us with an idea where she wanted to publish things that she loved and personally advised to all of our friends, so she wanted to start a blog, since the requirement was very simple, so we made sure that the simplicity is not taken away form the website as well, so we kept it simple and gave her a clean and professional look for her blog

Babla Rakhi

September 19, 2015

Client came to us with a very unique idea of commercial E-commerce Website for buying Raking and sending it directly to any part of the world. This was not a normal e-commerce site, because the product was different the shipping method and even the product management was different then other sites, so we gave the client a complete custom solution, We created CMS from scratch just for this website.

Triumph Property Management

September 15, 2015

This was one of our favorite projects for a long time, Not just because of the amazing designs but the development specifications in the project were intense, but clients requirement were spot on, They were very clear what they wanted and how they wanted it to work, and we were more then dedicated to out perform there expectations, at the end we got the result with a multi-featured wordpress site, with unique set of features from Rental/Tenant Management, to Property Management, The website has been a corner stone for the clients company, and it’s made our team feel like the Rockstars.

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Ganpati Travels

September 15, 2015

Romance with Religion

This was the idea for the website, the company has been making and managing pilgrimage tours for over a decade, We provided them with a custom solution where they not only got there regular tours highlighted but also a unique solution for the users to make there own tours, We even integrated Google Map API with the website, The end results were in reality impressive, In this project every one out performed themselves, from the designers to development team.

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September 16, 2015

This was a very simple project which had clear requirements, the client wanted a professional website to showcase the company work and ethics, they also needed a double opt in subscription system, which was achieved using a custom plugin developed for there WordPress theme.

Boulder Creek Blog

January 18, 2016

Its a special blog devoted on TV & Movies, All the news that you would like to know about the best going TV series or the upcoming movies, You can all know it here, We had developed the blog site in such a way so that all the shows can be sorted in genre based system.

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City Man

January 18, 2016

The site is dedicated for the men who has almost everything, This is a Corporate Website for CityMan Inc. They deal with fashion, Life Style & Brand Management for successful Men in their fields.

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Shopify Crafted Kosher

March 1, 2016

One Stop website for all the Gluten Free & Kosher Food Lovers out there, The Website is develop on Shopify CMS, The theme is a Custom work developed to work with combination of few extensions integrated with the Shopify website. Along Side a Blog and eCommerce System, We also got the entire company details shown to make the website as a Professional Look as well all this done on one Shopify Website.

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